About & Contact

We are a collective of volunteers, including professional stitchers, working to fill Pittsburgh’s need for safe, washable, reusable masks.

We have multiple volunteers cutting, stitching, sanitizing/washing, vacuum-sealing, and delivering masks as quickly as we can. We also have volunteers coordinating our donations, volunteers, requests, and deliveries, as well as volunteers researching material science and medical research, and sourcing and buying supplies.

Media enquiries? operationfacemask@gmail.com. All other requests, please use the forms on our site!

Jenn Gooch, Director, Marketing Coordinator, Stitcher

Ange Vesco, Volunteer Coordinator, Material Coordinator, Stitcher

Brick Brickman, Distribution Coordinator, Stitcher, Sanitizer

Dirty Jones, Code Wrangler

Cindy Crabb, Donations Coordinator, Stitcher, Sanitizer

Matthew Bucholtz, Transportion Coordinator

Amy Garbark, Shipping Coordinator, Sanitizer

Jaime McCracken, Buyer

Lauren Allen, Science Researcher, Stitcher

Adam Schweigert, Webmaster